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A Breakaway Civilization

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Disconnected from the old world, the early foundation and history of Owlies has long been forgotten save for but a few... With knowledge only of the great fall, when the Owlies sought refuge amongst the trees and mountains in search of a new Paradise.

A secret war is raging in the shadows, whilst most remain blissfully unaware. Whispers of a hidden collective are spreading, one that moves between the old world and the new…



Play to Earn evolved

Layer one Owlies allows one to mint, burn, & create unique hyperdeflationary cross-chain interoperable NFTs. Taking defi cross-chain to multiple blockchains, with interoperable tokens & nfts that can be staked for multi-token rewards, in a fully decentralized interconnected web of gamified defi applications.

Layer Two Owlies takes users into the Metaverse, a world of immense possibility. Utilizing our interoperable NFTs, users can enter into live PvP matches and community driven large scale tournaments in pursuit of prizes and esteem.

From there, users may then step into the Owlieverse; where players' customized NFT character can explore and discover new lands alongside their fellow Owlies travelers.

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fighter Owlies


Generations in the making

An elite group of Owlies have long carried the secrets of the past, protecting the hidden society of Owlies from their haunting history, full of destruction, sorrow, and fear.

A war in the shadows ever looming, still casting its net of turmoil over those living between both worlds…

magical Owlies


Yet to be Discovered

Forces beyond that of the physical realm are at work, a spiritual battle of multi dimensional proportion.

The Wise Ones look within to find the strength needed to combat forces both seen and unseen. In doing so, they make discoveries of power, which allow certain Owlies the ability to shed their former selves in place of something far greater…


Choose Your Owlie

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Craft Your Owlies

Customize your own Owlies characters by combining them with different Branch NFTs and Stardust NFTs .


5 Levels

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Hatch and transform your Owlies into more powerful phases of their life using Branch NFTs, special items infused with ancestral magic.

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level owlie egg


level owlie baby


level owlie teen


level owlie adult


level owlie wizard


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Mechanisms for transforming and powering up Owlies NFTs make them
hyper deflationary assets. Make sure to take good care of your adopted Owlies!


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Owlies Eggs are minted in one of five tiers, ranging from Common all the way to Legendary. Owlies tiers are immutable and cannot be changed. The hatch rates for Common are vast, allowing anyone to participate in the journey and easily build out their Common Owlies to kick off their decks, while Epic and Legendary tiers will be extremely rare. We hope you find delight in discovering the different tiers and their properties. Each tier will have their own metrics in-game, which users will be able to combine with their Stardust NFTs to create Owlies that are even more powerful and unique.

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tier 1 sage green

Sage Green





tier 3 silver



tier 4 royal



tier 5 gold




The Packs

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Players jumpstart their journey through the magical mountainous woods of Owlies with our Monster Boxes. Monster Boxes are minted in packs of x10 or x25 Owlies Eggs, where players can then begin to work on hatching some Babies. Ohhoot!

*Monster boxes are only available to ohh club NFT holders.

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package monster box package 10 pack

30 x


Monster Box

10 x


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How the Owlies
token system works

LP your $STRDST Tokens to earn token rewards in the form of Branch tokens. Users will be able to use $BRNCH tokens in order to craft Branch NFTs, which can be used to upgrade your Owlies levels or to trade on the open market.

Stake your Owlies NFTs to earn $STRDST. Users will be able to use Stardust tokens in order to craft and upgrade tradable Stardust NFTs, which can be used to augment your Owlies with an array of powerful attributes such as weapons, headgear, armor, and much more!

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owlies token
Stardust Token

NFT Staking

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LP to Earn

branch token
Branch Token

Reward for LP
Stardust Token

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Burn & Craft

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Burn & Craft

branch nfts
Branch NFTs

Collect & Craft

Stake and craft Branch NFTs for your Owlies

LPing Stardust tokens will earn users Branch tokens, which may be used to craft Branch NFTs. Branch NFTs can be combined with Owlies in order to upgrade their levels, with four different Branch NFTs for the four possible upgrades. Users can create higher level Branch NFTs by burning two Branch NFTs of the previous level. To get started, use Branch tokens to craft your first Branch NFT, the Walking Stick.

Once you have two Walking Sticks, you may burn them to craft a Lightning Stick. Two Lightning Sticks can be minted into a Warrior Staff. Two Warrior Staffs can be minted to the final form Branch NFT, a Wizard Staff. These Branch NFTs can be traded on the open market, or used to transform your Owlies NFTs into higher level phases.

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Reward for Staking
Owlies NFTs

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Discover & Unlock

Stake to equip your Owlies

Users may stake their Ohh Club and Owlies NFTs to earn $STRDST. Higher rarities and certain collections will earn higher Stardust token rewards than normal, providing users with valuable staking multipliers. Stardust can be used to craft a range of powerful Stardust NFTs.

Stardust NFTs are item augmentations meant to unlock the full potential of your individual Owlies. In addition to the many valuable Stardust NFTs users will be able craft, including but not limited to Weapons / Headgear / Footgear, Stardust tokens will also be tradable on various DEXes such as Osmosis.

owlies golden stick
owlies golden egg
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Pick the right upgrade strategy

The Owlies game provides users with an incredible array of options that they may use to build their own unique and powerful Owlies NFT deck. From Common to Legendary, from Baby to Wizard, crafting upgrades and items with Branch and Stardust tokens, users will have the creative freedom to make highly competitive PvP characters with which to trade, challenge, and conquer.

Unlike the Owlies characters themselves, Stardust NFT items will be upgradable from Common to Legendary, with higher levels of rarity as they become more powerful. Whether it is weapon or headgear or footgear or armor, users will be able to collect and combine these items with the Owlies of their choice to create their final stage Owlies NFTs.

owlies cards
owlies crafted gadgets
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The Final Evolution

of Owlies NFTs

owlies final stages

Unlock Your Custom Owlies


Customize your Owlies

Owlies provides users with creative control over their NFTs, allowing for greater customization and collectability. From Baby to Wizard, users are free to infuse their Owlies with any item of any tier, increasing their rarity and power.

Get Ready for PvP

Collect & Build out a top tier deck! Craft and collect top fighters, come to the Hoothouse built inside the Passage metaverse, prepare for the ultimate PvP battles.





Fair and Balanced Distribution

Stardust tokens will undergo a fair allocation through which Owlies NFT holders as well as ohhNFT holders will have a chance to earn Stardust tokens. Contributing to the core team through Hoot Hacks or getting started with your first minting is easy and the Owlies community is there to lend a helping hand when first exploring the Hoot House Club.

Everyone has a chance to make their stake in the Owlieverse.

  • No seed sale, no private sale, no public sale, no team token pre-mine
  • Earned Only by Staking Owlies & ohhNFTs
  • Infinite Supply with Low Yearly Inflation
  • Secondary Governance Token for Props
  • Multi Platform Utility for Owlies & all ohhNFT IP projects

Branch tokens may be earned through providing liquidity, know as LPing, in Stardust token LP pools. LP’ers earn an APR % of their LP’ed Stardust in the form of $BRNCH tokens. Moreover, they are also used to craft Branch Stick NFTs which can then be combined with Owlies NFTs to create a brand new NFT!


Using Stardust allows players to craft special wearables for their Owlies which come in the form weapons, clothing items, jewelery, headwear, shoes, and even backgrounds. More item categories have the potential to find their way to an Owlieverse so stay tuned!

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    Low cost transfers up to 35000 times cheaper than gen 2 blockchain networks. Transfering betwenn blockchains, minting in different marketplaces, crafting new items, all made possible at incredibly low costs.

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    Owlies has a built-in-on-chain governance system utilizing the power of Juno & DAO_DAO as well as Stargaze DAOs. Holders of Branch Tokens - the native staking token of the game - can vote on proposals and choose direction of the game.

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    Owlies is built on top of interoperable blockchains connecting with all networks in the cosmos ecosystem via IBC. Owlies NFTs are CW-721 built on CosmWasm enables cross communication between different platforms.

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    Utilizing the Cosmos SDK & Tendermint Consensus to ensure high throughput and fast contract execution

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    How to use it?



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